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Energy Bar Seeds

Energy Bar Seeds

1 bar
total energy 300 kcal (1256 kJ)
net weight 70 g
Storage life 12 months

Nutrition value/100 g

energy 429 kcal (1794 kJ)
fat 19.0 g (saturated: 2.5 g)
carbohydrates 42.0 g (sugar: 25.0 g)
protein 18.0 g
salt 0.4 g
fibres 6.2 g


pumpkin seeds (15%), almond (14%), date (14%), 13% cranberries sweetened (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), soy crisps (soy protein, tapioca flour, salt), maltodextrin, agave syrup, glucose syrup, soy granulate (soya, rice flour, salt), sesame seeds (5%), flaxseed (2%)

Allergy info

Contains soya, nuts, sesame seeds.


The information provided above, reflects the most recent production. Always read the product label for the correct information!