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Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

1 portion
total energy 450 kcal (1884 kJ)
net weight 98 g
Storage life 48 months
Preparation 1. Open pouch at tear notch. Unfold bottom. Remove Oxygen Absorber. 2. Add hot water up to line. 3. Stir well. 4. Close zipper. Allow to stand for 10 minutes. 5. Stir again. 6. Eat out of the pouch.

Nutrition value/100 g

energy 456 kcal (1908 kJ)
fat 24.5 g (saturated: 8.2 g)
carbohydrates 36.7 g (sugar: 11.4 g)
protein 25.3 g
salt 2.4 g
fibres 5.3 g


egg powder (26%), potato flakes (19%), milk powder, potato starch, egg (10%), carrot (5%), onion (5%), sunflower oil, leek (3%), salt, glucose syrup, parsley (0.52%), pepper

Allergy info

Contains egg, milk. May contain traces of: peanuts, nuts.


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